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Hi folks!

Just few impressions after 3rd GP1979 event.

First, I'm proud that we keep nice grid, despite of 16 drivers yesterday comparing to 21 on Buenos and Inter. High level of racing, only 4 s. gap between 1st and last in qualifying. It seems to be so real like in real F1. Great!

Second, I must say it would be better, but the time change last weekend messed up a little bit. That's why, to avoid it in the future, I have some advices below:

1. Always check the forum, especially in the race day. There can be some news relating to evening event (like about time change, thank to Aitor).
2. Please check earlier if the track matches to your version. Server is up the whole week before the race, so you can go online at least once to check it (especially Stefano :laugh: ).
3. The password is on forum too. The entire "2017 GP1979 Historical Season" and "Grand Prix 1979" part of forum contains ALL DATA related to our events and current version.
4. Important information regarding to each event is published direct in event thread. This season we have 1979 TrackPack 2.0, but some tracks need to be changed to different versions without known bugs (Dijon, Hockenheim, maybe more).
5. To be sure finally that all works ok, please join server not just before the race, but over 1 hour earlier and simply stay online. Of course, I know it can't be possible, but it's the safest mode to take part in the race without problems.
6. Finally, practice as much as you can. If you feel unstable, please do at least 100 laps on track, you will feel the power of GP1979. It doesn't matter if you fast or slow, just find your pace and drive safely.
7. At the moment of start, please mention that these cars are beasts on wheels, little spin can ruin somebody's race. If you are far away from pole position driver, just look ahead and try to notice any danger quick, then release the throttle and be careful. Even experienced drivers can make horrible mistakes.
8. This is "user friendly" league. Admins can help in any situation. If somebody needs good stable race setup, just let us inform about this in the event thread. We can make setups for anyone who wants it.
9. All events are at the same time - 19:00 CET (Central European Time). Unfortunately, from last weekend it's called CEST (Central European Summer Time). To be honest - we didn't know there is the difference in the time name, because we are located in Poland and don't use this terminology. We are sorry for that, but we wrote GMT time too and it was told correctly (17:00 GMT).

Anyway, big respect to all brave drivers who still want to race with this unforgettable mod. Trust me, "it's nothing better than the smell of napalm in the morning" and winning in GP1979. ;)
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