Round 2 - AINTREE

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Date: 14.01.2018
Time: 19:00 CET (18:00 GMT/UTC) (qualifying)

TVR Griffith
Shelby Cobra 289
Ferrari 330GTO
Ferrari 250GTO
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1 year 1 month ago #5468 by Antonio Tavares
Antonio Tavares replied the topic: Round 2 - AINTREE
Another one I could not attend. My girlfriend works shifts, and each month we take a weekend for ourselves. This was the one this month, so there goes up in smoke all my late night practice sessions over this week.
Even alone on the server, I had some fun learning the track and setting up the car, so it wasn't all in vai.
I''ll surely be on the grid on the next race, so see you guys then.

“Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.”

(Steve McQueen)

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1 year 1 month ago #5469 by Mikko Nieminen
Mikko Nieminen replied the topic: Round 2 - AINTREE
Came out very intresting race, had some ups and downs during the session.

First lap on this track half an hour before qualifying. After practise session was over i was somewhere around position 6-4. Didn't think about winning the race at then. Quik setup changes, bit quessing and very much radical and risky.

Q: Nothing special, as during these sessions learned the track on every lap bit better, got smoother lines and improved laptimes. Did positon 2nd if remembering correctly.

R: Average start, coming to second right hand turn, made mistake and braked too early due misreading of brake mark. Paul took second place. Tought we have 45minutes of racing and tried just to keep up with Paul and tried to learn the track better. After something like 10 minutes of racing Paul did mistake and got my second position back. Matheus had made 4-5second gap between us in that 10 minutes. Self-confidence got better lap at a time.
I raised horns to my head and made the gap smaller on every lap.
Something around 20 minutes left on clock, got past Matheus and pulled 3-4 second gap between us. Eaven tough had safe margin, i was able to pull some amateur moves on last minute of racing and Matheus overtook me.

Anyways very happy to result, eaven i had the keys to win this race. Very strong upward trend in the learning curve.
Really happy to see big grids!

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1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #5470 by Paul Anstey
Paul Anstey replied the topic: Round 2 - AINTREE
Managed to put my PB in during qualy and so got a good grid slot.

Started well and managed to get into 2nd place. A few laps in made a mistake into the right hander onto the back straight and hit the fencing. No noticeable damage. Came back on track in 5th or 6th place. Battled my way back past Aitor and Juan and back into 3rd place. Then made exactly the same mistake again into the right hander onto back straight. Never caused me any issues during practice. Sods Law :). Aitor and Juan moved back in front. I managed to race back up to Aitor but couldn't find a way past. Juan must have fallen off at some point as ended up in a good 4th place. Happy with that considering how hairy and wild these cars are.

TreVoR Rules OK. If you didn't know TVR stands for Trevor after the owner Trevor Wilkinson. Not a lot of people know that :)

Looking forward to next race. I like this format where we race different cars each week. Excellent. What will it be next Sunday?
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1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #5471 by Philipp Pichler
Philipp Pichler replied the topic: Round 2 - AINTREE
My race was horrible, way too much mistakes, terrible consistency and I was really slow too, even that was not only my driving I suppose.

But ok lets begin with the very first. I practiced with all four cars and oddly with Ferrari 250 GTO I was able to drive the fastest lap time. The car is not bad but it has up to 16 kph less topspeed than the other cars. I thought this is maybe not that huge but after Ales change from the 250 to the TVR he got soon more than two secs faster. So I doubted my decision to drive the race with 250 and tried a late car change. It was not successful therefore I changed back.

Q: Putting less fuel in the than I ever practiced was a bad idea, ruined the car balance. Didn´t got a lap together.

R: Starting from the last row was well deserved. Anyhow I was able to pass Roman (another 250 driver) and looked for a huge gap at the braking zone to corner two. It emerged that the gap was so big, because the lagging Mariusz drove there. As he suddendly appeared again I hit the brakes to hard and hit Murat. Sorry for that but I think it was not that bad, he was able to catch me a straight later with way more power. After that I had a little fight Don over the best running 250. Maybe I was a bit faster than him but with unconsistency it seemed that I couldn´t put him under pressure.
Somehow his race lasted only until lap seven, after that it was a lonley race because the gap to Jorge was to big and I got bigger every lap.
But two challenges were left, first to keep Luis behind which was tight at the end and not to impede the lapping cars. That was a bit difficult because they were much faster in the straight. Sorry if I moved over too late.

In the end lesson learned, with this format I should better evaluate which car to choose. Oh and congrats Matheus.
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1 year 1 month ago #5472 by Matheus Nolli
Matheus Nolli replied the topic: Round 2 - AINTREE
Great race for me, with luck on my side.

I noticed Mikko might not have practiced before the race day and used all the cards I had to invest in a consistent performance.

This week, I couldn't practice much and finished my preparations on the practice session before the race. I was surprised by how fast people were and that made me positively nervous. Sweaty hands, adrenalin, challenging myself to keep the conscious mind in control... Very exciting feeling!

I clocked my PB on the quali session, too, by not overheating the brakes in the opening lap and trying to get better brake performance in one flying lap. I missed the first one, but noticed temperatures were still ok and pushed a second lap that came out great.

In the race, I was absolutely surprised to not be overtaken under the green light and, once I noticed Mikko and Paul were battling for second position, I focused on finding a consistent performance, to avoid mistakes like the ones I did at Mallory. Eventually, I noticed Mikko was second and closing in fast, faster than I could handle, and I focused on keeping up on what I was doing. Two mistakes later, the gap between us was irrelevant and he passed me with a decisive and absolute two corner move, even with a minor attempt to defend my inside line in the first entry.

While racing closely, both before and after the overtake, I noticed he had much better early acceleration out of most corners and, to be fair, that was all I could see. A small performance difference that totally outclassed me, something I understood was faster, but had no idea on how to replicate. Congrats, mate! Masterful control!

That doesn't mean I'd give up. As people say, you can only benefit from luck if you're close enough, and I gave my best to keep performing at 100%. Eventually, after other two minor mistakes, running slightly off track, I was second by about 7s gap, with another 15 to 20s to the third driver, heading for the long straight and thinking "that is it". Some mistake by Mikko caught me off guard and put me ahead of him again, but close. Another overtake attempt, probably on hotter brakes and different speed than usual, and luck kept on my side. The remaining gap was large enough for a safe final lap, I guessed, but he came like a rocket and we cross the finish line much closer than I predicted.

Amazing race! Luck smiled on me, this sunday.

Sorry for the long report: I don't usually do this, but I felt like many of you like to share your experiences, what I appreciate very much, and I believe it'll be nice to pay you back with mine.
See ya'll next week!
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1 year 1 month ago #5478 by Aitor Lopez
Aitor Lopez replied the topic: Round 2 - AINTREE
Qualy: P7

I had a good pace to try to be in TOP5 but I failed to did a great lap so P7.

Race: P3

Good start gaining one place, then I was behind Csaba but after giving him a little hit in braking zone, that cost him time at the exit of a corner, I overtook him, sorry for that. Then I had a great battle with Juan Manuel and Paul for P3. I had 3 small mistakes in the race but luckily didn't cost me any position in the race so happy with this result.

P1: 2017 1st DRM Trophy. Ford
P1: 2015 R2P S37 Steel Wheels by Simracers 1979 Formula 1. Ligier-Ford Cosworth
P2: 2014 R2P S33 True Power by Simracers Grand Prix 1979.
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