Round 6 - MOSPORT

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Allan Ramsbottom replied the topic: Round 6 - MOSPORT
Bit of a poor race for me,coming into the last race i was 8 points behind Marek and 1 point in front of Aitor,so some quick maths i could possibly end up with a podium after only joining mid way thru the season,if i could put pressure on Marek and keep Aitor behind me..Obviously i was going for a win but.....Hey-ho,cant be too greedy.Bit of a slow start but after we all settled down i started moving up to the front.I saw Paul and Aitor having a good battle which helped me close up,Marek behind me keeping pace,then on the up hill straight he gave me a love tap which luckily did,nt affect me too much but caused Marek some,then i noticed he QUIT....YES, he,s out,Sorry Marek but this is racing mate lol,no points...Now to chase Paul down,managed to out fox him on the tight little twisty bit,and slowly pull away..Now for Aitor.Matheus for too far out in front but that did,nt bother me i had to get to Aitor,on the long back straight flat out 142m.p,i get a CTD,unbelievable,few choice words,and fumbling for the mouse to get back on,im in the gravel,hit the wall,luckily car still drivable,sorry Paul, i bet you thought what the hell is he doing ha ha,it was out of my control,im glad it did,nt affect your race too badly,so all my work was in vain and i ended up losing valuable points....So Marek got a bit of Karma lol,afterall,overall i finished 5th in the Championship,which im well chuffed at,shame i did,nt know of you guys before,maybe i could have pushed the podium finishers a bit harder if i had started at the beggining...Looking forward to Season 5 if there is 1,any clue what it will be??..Grats to Champion winner Paul,Matheus for 2nd, and Marek for 3rd..Been a blast racing with you guys,been some good,close racing and to MAREK for putting all this together a big THUMBS UP......
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