Simracers GP1979 history in two parts

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PART 1 - dedicated server

Season 1

We established our website in February 2010. After some free events the first GP1979 Season was held on 29 July 2010 at French Dijon-Prenois. Six races were scheduled in the first season. Six drivers were taking part in the race and the first GP1979 winner was Marek „Fireball” Archipow in Rebaque HR100. Next two races had two other winners: „Bart” won at Zolder and „Thombike” finished first at Kyalami. Then incredible and experienced Finnish driver Ari Antero joined the season and won three races in a row: Jacarepagua, Detroit and Estoril, taking the series championship by 1 point before 2nd Marek Archipow and 11 points before 3rd Valtter Leinonen. Ari brought the new quality to our racing and gave huge advices for all. The season ended on 21 September 2010. Overall 15 drivers participated in 6 races, average number of drivers per race was 5,33.

Season 2

The second GP1979 season started on 9 May 2011. Ten races were planned, but only six took part due to the lack of drivers in the middle of the season. It was strange, because there was a good frequency at the season’s start. There was 17 drivers in the first season’s race at Zolder, 18 in the second at Kyalami and 16 at Long Beach.

Even in the fourth event at Buenos Aires 14 drivers participated, but in the next race at Jacarepagua the number of drivers decreased to 9. In some reasons the season collapsed after the sixth race which was held on Monaco with only 4 drivers on the grid.

The season was dominated by very good and experienced drivers from French HSO league who decided to race with us. Carlo Pozzi took the title before Gregoire Goissen and Simracers admin-driver Marek Archipow. Carlo won 3 races in a row (Kyalami, Long Beach and Buenos Aires), Gregoire won at Zolder and Marek finished first at Jacarepagua in the pure „death race” with „Rusty M”, changing positions all the time,fighting each other during 37 laps, winning only by 0,8 second gap at the finish. Dominik Wasienko won the last race in Monaco after interesting fight with Carlo Pozzi. It has to be mentioned that Kyalami was the first appearance of Dominik Satel who is still racing with us from that moment and became the one of the best drivers.
The season ended on 29 August 2011. Overall 26 drivers took part in 6 races, average number of drivers per race was 13.

Season 3

The third GP1979 season started on 19 Juni 2012 at Thruxton and ended on 30 October 2012 at Vanport. Overall 23 drivers participated in 8 races, average number of drivers was 7,6. It wasn’t a big success but it was clear the most of people like the other mods than GP1979 which appeared as the one of the most difficult mods ever. However, it was a very entertaining season, because of it was 6 different race winners in 8 races. Niko Leinonen and Marek Archipow won two times, Dominik Satel, Aitor Lopez, Gregoire Goissen and Risto Kappet finished first once each. "Joker" car selection system was used and worked well.

The season wasn’t so popular maybe due to track selection. We didn’t race on famous classic F1 tracks, we chose less known Aurora series tracks from 70’s like Thruxton, Oulton Park and Snetterton. As we finished in the last race in Vanport only with 3 drivers on the grid we realised that we must leave our dedicated server and move to Race2Play to set our events there. It was the best decision we did.

The story has begun again...

Simracers statistics:

average number of drivers in the season: 21,3
average number of drivers per race: 8,6

race winners:

Marek Archipow – 4
Ari Antero – 3
Carlo Pozzi – 3
Niko Leinonen – 2
Gregoire Goissen – 2
Aitor Lopez – 1
Dominik Satel – 1
Risto Kappet – 1
Dominik Wasienko – 1
„Bart” – 1
„Thombike” – 1
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PART 2 - Simracers at Race2Play

We moved to Race2Play on 31 October 2012. We did all we can running our dedicated server, but cost were too high. R2P offers cheaper payments and more drivers so we are glad we can continue racing with GP1979 there. We are behind 3 successful Mini-Seasons and one Full Season is almost done. We look forward and set up the next Full Season which we hope will be the best one from all seasons we did. Let’s read some history...

Mini-Season 1

GP1979 Mini-Season 1 launched on 6 November 2012 at Zolder which track appears our traditionally opening-event for GP1979. Sixteen drivers took part and Finnish driver JP Parkki won before another Finn Ari Antero and Spaniard Jose Casanovas. It was surprisingly good event as we remembered our last Simracers event at Vanport with only three drivers on grid. JP Parkki seemed to be the fastest driver and dominated the series by winning all of four races. He won at Jacarepagua, Montjuich and Mexico City too. He surely took the title, Ari Antero was 2dn and Marek Archipow was 3rd by unlucky accident that happened to Michal Mazurek in the last race at Mexico City. The season ended on 27 November 2012.
Overall 29 drivers participated in 4 races, average number of drivers per race was 13,75. We never reached such a big number of participants in any Simracers season before.

Mini-Season 2

Famous Imola track was the opening event for GP1979 Mini-Season 2 which was just held on 11 December 2012 with the best frequency ever – 24 drivers on grid. Then JP Parkki won again before German Patrick Lang and French Gregoire Goissen, our old friend from Simracers events. That season wasn’t so easy for JP Parkki who was only 3rd at Buenos Aires behind faster and faster Michal Mazurek and Gregoire Goissen. The next event at Monaco was the most horrible event at R2P and we think it will never happen again. Some guys disturbed the race after their retirement. They got ban at R2P but we think it was the reason the next events weren’t so popular as it was before. Dominik Satel won at Monaco street circuit before Dutch Rogier de Klein and Spaniard Aitor Lopez. The last event at Silverstone was held on 15 January 2013 with only 8 drivers on grid. Marek Archipow won on the last lap due to fuel problems of the sure the race and the championship winner Dominik Satel who retired and lost his championship on the last corners. Michal Mazurek took the 2nd place after hard battle with Rogier de Klein and Aitor Lopez (finally 3rd in race) and won the championship by 1 point before Marek Archipow.
However, the number of drivers grew and overall 38 drivers participated in 4 races, average number of drivers per race was 17.

Mini-Season 3: Slower Cars

The third Mini-Season was a little bit different from all we did until that moment. Only „slower cars” were allowed to race (from Arrows A1 to Ensign N177). Even that it was interesting to see the drivers in cockpits they have never seen before. The season started on 29 January 2013 at Kyalami with 10 drivers on track. Patrick Lang won before Ari Antero and Dominik Satel, the major opponents to the final title. Ari Antero won the second race at Long Beach before Patrick Lang and Marek Archipow. The third race was exciting while the race leader Ari Antero spun on Lap 2 and lost some positions. Marek Archipow took the lead and fought with Ricardo Ferreira until the race accident came. Then Marek lost his lead and had to catch the top. On the last laps Ari Antero, Michal Mazurek and Marek Archipow had a great battle. The last race at Zandvoort was Marek Archipow’s own. He took the pole and won. Ari Antero kept his championship leading and took the title by 2 points before Marek Archipow and 8 points before Dominik Satel.
Overall only 19 drivers participated in 4 races, average number of drivers per race was 8,5. In compare with previous season it was a little disappointment.

Then we decided to run the full season with 1-hour-races...

Full Season 1

We started at Montreal on 28 April 2013 with only 7 drivers on grid. The best driver was Dominik Satel who took the pole and won before Scott Ring and Aitor Lopez. Marek Archipow drove his Arrows A2 2nd almost entire race, defending well against Scott (Williams FW07), but he did mistake on the last lap and retired finishing 4th finally.
The second event at Interlagos was a total failure, because of only 4 drivers took part. We thought our series goes to its end but we have run the race. In that strange race Marek Archipow won in Ferrari T4 before Aitor Lopez (Arrows A2) and Mark Hightree (Alfa Romeo). Montreal’s winner Dominik Satel didn’t finish due to accident.
Brands Hatch was a „little reborn” of the series with 8 drivers on grid. Surprisingly the race was so excited. Mark Hightree won drove Renault RS11, but the fight for 2nd place was outstanding. Aitor Lopez (Brabham BT49), Marek Archipow (Arrows A2) and Dominik Satel (Wolf WR79) had a great battles and during many laps they raced „side by side” each other. Finally Marek took 2nd place finishing before Aitor.
Then we started to recruit new and old drivers by making promo movie from Brands Hatch.

It took effect at Buenos Aires where 13 drivers participated. It was the second Dominik Satel’s victory in the season and Michal Mazurek joined the series taking 2nd place before Gregoire Goissen.

At French Paul Ricard 75 it was still better. Fourteen drivers fought hard maybe in the most exciting race in the season. Michal Mazurek (Williams FW07) took the pole but Marek Archipow (Ferrari T4) started better from the same row. He took the lead but his heavier Ferrari was overtook by Michal’s Williams soon. He was close to Michal’s rear wing pushing by two Ligiers JS11 of Jose Casanovas and Costa Gozadinos. Jose overtook Marek and took the lead after Michal’s spin. Then Marek overtook Jose, took the lead for a long time but Costa was closer and closer. Marek defended his 1st place by only a half of a second at the finish. Michal Mazurek finished 3rd.

The next event held on Trois-Rivieres, a very difficult and slow track. There was a record of registering drivers (29) but finally 17 took part. It looked like our series was totally resurrected. Incredible Michal Mazurek (Lotus 79) took the pole, led the race but he lost many positions due to technical problems. Then Mark Hightree (McLaren M29) took the lead before Marek Archipow and Mariusz Lebioda (both Tyrrells 009). At the end of the race the order was opposite. Mariusz overtook Marek and Mark didn’t count fuel properly slowing down to save it. Mariusz won the race before Marek and Mark. Double win for Tyrrells and „triple-M” on podium.

The 7th race at Jarama was also interesting. There was two fighting pairs in that race: Marek Archipow (Brabham BT49) against Dominik Satel (Lotus 79) and Costa Gozadinos (Williams FW07) against Mark Hightree (McLarem M29). Samuel took the lead quickly and built his advantage tenth by tenth over the rest of battling drivers. He won the race before Marek and Dominik. Costa overtook Mark on the last meters.

The season goes to its end. The last race at Zolder is held on 18 August 2013. Marek secured his title at the moment. The main battle for 2nd place in general classification will be between Dominik Satel and Mark Hightree. Fourth Aitor Lopez has only theoretical chances for the podium but he must win the race. It could be hard but... who knows. All things can happen.
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The season's final was held on unforgettable Zolder circuit. After atomic start Dominik Satel (Williams FW07) took the lead and kept it to the finish. The great battle was between Samuel Krueger (McLaren M29) and Rui Santos (Ferrari T4), who finally took 2nd and 3rd. Aitor Lopez (Tyrrell 009) showed good pace driving 2nd most of race, but after small mistake he finished 4th finally. Ken Tarvin (Williams FW07) did well and finished 5th. Costa Gozadinos (Williams FW07) tried to attack Marek Archipow (Copersucar F6A) but crazy defences of experienced Copersucar driver secured his 6th place on the last laps. 21 drivers participated.

Full Season 1 was a total success. Overall 46 drivers participated in 8 races, average number of drivers per race was 12,1.
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