Round 5 - Cadwell Park

8 years 1 week ago #544 by Marek Archipow [Fireball]
Marek Archipow [Fireball] created the topic: Round 5 - Cadwell Park
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8 years 1 week ago #546 by Murat Ozsarac
Murat Ozsarac replied the topic: Re:Round 5 - Cadwell Park
Quali lap was not bad at all although it's meaningless cause of my poor starts (Still don't know if i gotta use clutch at start). Race 1; I made good enough to reach on the podium but lap#9 horrible mistake. I found myself inside a building in a stucked car, still mad about myself about that mistake. Race 2; no comment, I just cannot remember a worse race i had in the last 6 years, millions of rookie mistakes :blush: My apologies, i promise i'm gonna give u better fights next races.

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8 years 6 days ago #548 by Marek Archipow [Fireball]
Marek Archipow [Fireball] replied the topic: O:Round 5 - Cadwell Park
Qual: P2
Sprint: P1
Race: P2

Davie was an alien on this track. Beyond of anyone's reach, but after S3 I was the quickest. Mistake in S3 and second place on grid finally. Not bad.

My best race ever probably. Impressive start. Leading the race with KlakieR on my back. Some great manoeuvers, position defences. Finally KlakieR did mistake and was off from the fight. Then Davie caught me in the midtime of the race and started to push. I was defending hard and Davie also did mistake. Final laps were more comfortable, but Davie tried to catch me again. I finished first with only ca. 1 s. gap before him.

Good start again but I did mistake on T1 and went down on the last place. I started to catch the others. First I overtook king81 and then Murat after little fight. KlakieR was much slower than me and I caught him finally. I passed him after his wide driveline and finished 2nd after Davie The Alien - definitely the best driver on this track.

The event was ok. Outstanding battles and some great manoeuvers. See you in March 2011 on American tracks in the second part of the season.

Adding 5 points for the winning of British Cup Prologue and sure 3 points for winning Motorvision Cup is a good advantage before the next season's races. It's a great chance to be a champion but it won't be easy.

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