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If you are here you should know a little bit about our project. This site was made for a competitive racing with the most possible balanced cars.

We want to focus on classic car mods. We chose Historic GT mod and F1 1979 League Edition mod, but we are preparing them especially for our need. Only a few most balanced cars from the big Historic GT mod will be useful and we'll try to work on it. While working on F1 1979 LE mod we are going to implement the same physics for all cars as close as it's possible. I hope we can handle this.

So if you have some ideas, solutions, questions - please don't be afraid to show it here.

We will be glad if you'll decide to take part in our events.

Greetings from Site Admins and see you on tracks.
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As you see we have two mods on servers now: Caterham and GP1979 Equal Cars. If you want to write the new thread in English language, not regarding Caterhams or GP1979s, please write it in this section. If some thread regards these two mods, f.e. server settings, season's rules, etc., please write it in appropriate English section in Caterhams or GP1979s forum's sections.

Enjoy the servers and have fun!

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