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1.05 was good a bit. 1.06 is a death of EOAA-GT. I think 1.05 (or older versions) is nice base to modify and to make much better mod, but 1.06 update was careless and it didn't fix wrong elements of 1.05 cars behavior.
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Here is patch change log.

1.07 Released 15 04 10

S7R and MC12 have less power, S7R has an additional 30kg. All tyres have about 2% more grip, this results in faster lap times. The reason for doing this is because we tested using Brno which is a GPS track by Simbin and is very accurate. Lap times with V1.06 were about 3 or 4 seconds too slow, the increased grip means lap times are now about 1 to 2 seconds too slow. We decided not to add more grip because in order to get the most out of the tyres there must be a little slip and increased grip means it's harder to slip the tyre, the only solution is to use stronger springs however if we had used grip levels that produced realistic time (1m51 to 1m52) the springs would need to be almost 400nm. There are some unrealisticly bumpy tracks in rFactor so we decided to only increase the grip a little. The new tyres will require slightly stronger springs in order to make the tyre slip more.

Updated brakes, previously the cars used BrakeDiscInertia=0.001 this causes brake torque to change too easily. Now using BrakeDiscInertia=1.1 which results in much more predictable and consistant braking.

Lister has completely new engine with specs 595 Bhp @ 7400 Rpm 775 Nm @ 4700 Rpm.

All tyres have increased optimum camber angle and increase gain at optimum camber angle. This makes the cars more predictable when sliding sideways and a little faster in turns.

All diffusers now produce about 2000N or more at 200Kph. All cars have optimised aerodynamics for better balance and handling.

Damage fine tuned, less likely to damage aero, more likely to damage suspension.

GEN file optmisations.

All in all this is mostly a physics update and although the cars were quite a nice ride previously in V1.06, well the optimised aero and brakes, increased grip and new camber settings really puts the icing on the cake.

P1: GP1979 Season 1
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Moved from News.

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According to our moving to Race2Play servers where are only a few GT mods allowed I'm closing this topic.
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