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Oulton Park Fosters - Class B

Sulla Looming wins in her HGTTC debut race at Oulton Park with a safe gap before 2nd king81 and overlapped Hary who closed the podium. All of Top3 drove Porsche 906s. Double-winner Ari Antero ended on 7th place after the epic battle with Fireball. Ari spun on 36th lap losing three positions to Fireball, ace and Aceofbase. However, Ari leads the championship with the big advantage over Hary and he has the greatest chance to win Part 1 of Winter 2011 season. Capri driver Fireball finished 4th as "the best of the rest" beating some better cars such as Escorts, Alpinas and 906s. The quickest Capri-man Thoo24Mass went off the track and retired on 26th lap. The event was a biggest disaster for AUS-mONKEy who even didn't finish any lap due to disconnecting while leading the race. Fourteen from eighteen drivers were classified.


Sulla Looming zwycięża w swoim debiucie w lidze HGTTC w wyścigu na torze Oulton Park z bezpieczną przewagą nad kingiem81 i zdublowanym Harym, który zamknął podium. Pierwsza trójka jechała samochodem Porsche 906. Zwycięzca pierwszych dwóch wyścigów Ari Antero kończy rywalizację na 7 miejscu, po zaciętej walce z Fireballem. Ari spinuje na 36 okrążeniu tracąc trzy pozycje na rzecz Fireballa, ace i Aceofbase. Jednakże Ari prowadzi w klasyfikacji z dużą przewagą nad Harym i ma największe szanse na zwycięstwo w Części 1 sezonu Zima 2011. Kierowca Forda Capri Fireball finiszuje na 4 pozycji jako "najlepszy z całej reszty", pokonując parę lepszych samochodów, takich jak Ford Escort, BMW Alpina i Porsche 906. Najszybszy kierowca Capri - Thoo24Mass zjeżdża z toru i kończy wyścig na 26 okrążeniu. Zawody są katastrofą dla AUS-mONKEy, który traci połączenie internetowe nie zaliczając żadnego okrążenia, prowadząc w wyścigu po starcie. Czternastu z osiemnastu startujących kierowców zostało sklasyfikowanych.
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Ford GT40 driver Fireball finished 1st while having the biggest chance to win at the former airfield of Snetterton. He caught the pole and the fasterst lap and ended with strong 40 seconds before 2nd Thoo24Mass and 3rd king81. Panteras and Capris couldn't match with the "monster GT40" on this track. However, Thoo24Mass had a brilliant start and jumped into 1st position before T1. Fireball got back on P1 at the end of the longest straight before T3-T4 chicane where a dangerous incident one the next lap between ace, FOLLY and Ari Antero was happened. Finally, ace finished 4th and kept his second place in Part 1 final classification. The best Part 1 driver Ari Antero had a bad luck when "the touch of king" pushed him four positions back. Ari took the title with 7 points before ace and 16 points before Fireball. Oulton Park winner Sulla Looming and Aceofbase have technical problems with internet connection and disappeared from the grid just after the green lights were on. Thirteen from eighteen drivers scored.

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ZOLDER - Class B2 + extra cars

After his epic win at Zolder Thoo24Mass goes up in WR2011 general classification and he is one of the strongest candidate to hold the season's title. He led the most of laps, slightly frightened by a sole Porsche driver Fireball who used the smart no-pitstop tactics. Unfortunately, Fireball was forced to change the tires finally and he lost the chance to finish even in Top3. Mansell and emet close the podium after good fight at the end proving Alpine A310 superiority. King81 on 4th, Fireball on 5th and Aceof base on 6th place weren't overlapped. Zolder was the first race of the new Historic GT&TC 1.9 mod. Thirteen from sixteen drivers scored.
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