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I have been struggling with rFactor2 NVIDIA setings. A soulution has been found, atleast it works for me. Hopefully this will help some of you out there that also have FPS problems. Went from having a maximum of 80FPS to having a minimum of 110FPS, which majorly increases the amount of fun I get from playing the game.

DISPLAY (In game)

Circuit Detail = Full
Opponent Detail = High
Player Detail = Full
Texture Detail = Full
Texture Filter = x16
Special Effects = high
Shadows = Off
Shadow Blur = Off
Movies = Off
Sun Occlusion = no
Rain Drops = yes
Road Reflections = Off
Environment Reflections = Off
Wind and Crowd Motion = no

Visible Vehickles = 20
Default view = cockpit
Mirrors = on (off fps gain 15-20fps)
Steering wheel = off
vertical fov = 29
Auto Detail FPS = off


Anti aliasing = off
Sync = off
FXAA = off
HDR = off

Documents \ rFactor2 \ UserData \ player \ player.plr

Transparency AA="0" // Soften edges around alpha test objects
Transparency AA will be handled in nVidia inspector with a much less costly multisampling which to the eye looks almost identical to supersampling.


Download the latest nvidia inspector www.guru3d.com/files_details/nvidia_inspector_download.html

Click the square tool and screwdriver next to your Driver version.( 326.80 WHQL)

First click on Profiles and find rFactor2 select rFactor 2(rFactor2.exe)
Then click "add application to current profile" at the top
Find and Select rFactor2.exe and then click open
Then click "Apply Changes" button at the top
Now you have successfully created an nVidia profile for rFactor2
as long as nVidia inspector is running these settings you save here will
always be applied to rfactor2.
Close nVidia inspector profile settings window and then open it again
Notice now in the top left it no longer says rFactor 2 but Global Driver Profile
To bring up rFactor2 settings click the little house and select rFactor2
NVDIA Inspector will now load your rFactor2 profile again.
Remember after everytime you make a change you always need to click "Apply changes" button and make sure you are not on Global Driver Profile but rFactor2.

Apply Changes to save and make sure rFactor2 profile is selected.

I would advise people to overclock their GPUs, just to get an edge in preformance. I hope this helps you guys as much aas it help me, also wish you good luck. See you on the track!!


P1: GP1979 Season 1
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