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Antonio Tavares replied the topic: GP1979 files
You can try a new rFactor install (you can have as many as you want in the same disk). Then install the GP79 Mod and the trackpack and see if you get the same error when loading. If no error, then your original rFactor install has some problem, possibly an incompatibility between files, Mods, Pluggins or something else.
Solution: remove the GP79 Mod from your old rFactor install and use the new install to run it. You just need to copy your userdata settings from the old to the new install.
If the error still occurs in the new install, it can be graphic card driver related, with your OS DirectX version (you can always reinstall the latest version from microsoft), or hardware failure related. But I'd bet it will work in a new install, just make sure your 79 Mod and track pack folders are not corrupted or have missing files and disable your antivirus when extracting files/folders from the original rar/zip compressed files.

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