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Dear driver!

If you have found us in the web it means you want to race in the simracing league. The Simracers is a community of virtual racing enthusiasts. It has been created by a group of people experienced in simracing. Most of our members are from Poland where we live but we are open for the drivers from all over the world. That's why we use English language to communicate. Our website is mainly in English which may allow to understand each other without problems.

We launched the Simracers in February 2010. Our own dedicated servers were open until October 2012. We have run almost 100 events and then we decided to move on Race2Play where we actually make new series, mainly open wheelers such as GP1979 or F1 1991. From 2017 we are back at Simracers with own dedicated server again. We play old & good rFactor game at the moment with the best mods: Grand Prix 1979, Historic GT 1.96 and DRM Revival 2.0a.

No matter if you are at the beginning of your simracing career or you are rather experienced driver - you just need rFactor game (version 1.255) and the steering wheel (or gamepad, if you are able to drive with it safely) - and you are in it!

To be in contact with the admins or to have full view of our site it is good to register, although drivers can race with us without the registering. As you registered on our site you can write on Forum and ShoutBox, what it's a good and useful place to communicate with the other users, change ideas, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the admins via Forum or ShoutBox. They are almost always online trying to answer to all questions you may have.

See you on tracks!







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Driver's Ranking and Past Events closed
on 31.10.2012 due to moving to Race2Play